People Development


At NOC, we’re committed to developing talent and growing their careers by giving them opportunities and strengthening their professional skills and competencies. We do this through a blend of learning and development opportunities.

Competence Development

Our competence framework lists the required competencies for every role within the NOC, allowing employees to identify the skills they need to improve and meet the specific demands of their role. This approach ensures a fair and consistent learning and development environment for all, creating a more efficient workplace.

The NOC competence framework consists of:
  1. Knowledge = What I know
  2. Skills = What I can do
  3. Experience = What I have done
  4. Action = How I Work

Leadership Development

The NOC Leadership Development Programme aims to create role model leaders who inspire others towards success. It helps current and future leaders to build and enhance their skills in leading and developing people aligned to the NOC Strategy.

The Leadership program focuses on:

The Leadership program

Mentoring Programme  

Mentoring in the workplace is one of the most powerful learning partnerships for employees. Everyone at NOC has the chance to have or become a mentor to themselves or others develop career goals and reach their full potential. Mentoring at NOC takes place through:
  • Mentoring circles: This includes a mentor and a group of mentees
  • Senior mentor and a lesser-experienced mentee 
  • Reverse mentoring: When a less experienced individual offers coaching and feedback to a senior mentor

Personal Development Plans

At NOC everyone is supported to build a Personal Development Plan to help them set and achieve their career goals. Plans take a 70/20/10 approach:
  • 70% on-the-job learning through activities and assignments
  • 20% of learning approaches like mentoring and coaching made available to employees
  • 10% learning through formal training courses