NOC’s sustainability strategy extends to its people by developing and fostering a culture of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence. These are, of course, in line with the company values, and are all geared towards the Qatar National Vision 2030 which aims to promote human development in order to achieve the sustainable growth of Qatar, its people, and its economy. 

The wellbeing of the entire NOC workforce is grounded in our core values and vision, with NOC committed to the improvement of all services provided to our employees and their families. 

The ideals of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence are priorities, and we take a more holistic approach when we focus on the development of our workforce. 

At the heart of our strategy is Nationalization and the development of national employees at the North Oil Company are at the core of the company’s business and social objectives. Without a skilled and sustainable workforce, we cannot deliver our vision.

Our employees and their needs are at the core of our sustainability strategy as we aim to give back to the people of Qatar by educating them and supporting them with community development.

From developing people’s skills to providing both motivating and fulfilling careers, NOC is ambitious in its range of development programmes that can lead to Qatari Nationals in positions of responsibility and leadership.   

The wellbeing of our workforce is grounded in our core values and future vision, and we remain committed to continuously improving the services provided to our employees. By prioritising the ideals of learning, innovation, diversity, and excellence, NOC takes a holistic approach to the development of our workforce.