Who We Are

WhoWe Are

A joint venture between QatarEnergy and TotalEnergies, North Oil Company was established in 2017. The combined expertise of these two companies enables NOC to not only solve the challenges of a complex industry, but also to boost the economy and energy sector in the region. 

Operating in the Al Shaheen oil field, NOC is responsible for 45% of the region's oil production, making it a leader in oil production and technological innovation in the oil industry. 

With a plan to maximise oil production in the region in the next 25 years, the company is well established, with 38 platforms and over 430+ wells currently in use in the Al Shaheen oil field. The Gallaf Project, focused on expanding the field, is the second phase of field development and is now being followed by the third phase titled, Ruya.

NOC strives to align its operations with Qatar’s National Vision, building an advanced yet sustainable society that meets the highest standard of living for all its people. Contributing to the development of:

  • Humans and their standard of living
  • Social practices that raise the overall wealth of the region and its people
  • The economy
  • The environment

With a focus on the safety and sustainability of its practices, NOC is globally renowned for its reliability and success in technological innovation, adding to the effectiveness of its operations.

NOC is committed to production efficiency that delivers excellent results and ensures that the highest safety standards are implemented and adhered to.

The Al Shaheen oil field is located 80km Northeast of Ras Laffan and is well-placed to provide jobs as well as an increased standard of living for those within the region. 

With aims to increase the economy of the energy sector in Qatar, NOC is determined to build a better future for all. 

Currently producing around 100 million barrels of crude oil per annum, there are plans and developments in place to expand the field.