Our Vision, Mission and Values


    To become a leading offshore operator.


    • Delivering safe, best-in-class operations and technology
    • Role modelling, trust, respect and diversity
    • Empowering people to reach their full potential
    • Creating sustainable value for our shareholders


  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We are committed to creating a high performance culture
  • We operate assets in an environmentally sustainable and profitable manner
  • We promote innovative technologies
  • We respect our people and care about their future
  • We create opportunities for our people to grow
  • We value the diverse talent of our people
  • We develop responsible leaders who create a respectful environment for all
  • We hold a deep commitment to our shareholders
  • We are devoted to creating value
  • We invest our effort and actions to create a sustainable and long-lasting environment
  • We foster the spirit of transferring knowledge


  • We trust one another
  • We foster a culture of trust and transparency
  • We believe in the honesty, loyalty and reliability of our colleagues
  • Each of us is accountable for living the values with the highest standards of integrity
  • Safety is paramount and part of our living culture
  • Each of us returns home safely
  • We provide a safe environment for all
  • Everyone of us understands and follows the highest standards of safety rules and procedures