Field Operations


We plan meticulously and set production, water injection, and gas injection targets for both the short and medium term. These targets serve as our guiding compass for opportunities that will maximise production and manage crude sales via two of the world’s biggest floating storage and offloading vessels (FSOs).

To remain compliant and protect our team members, we take on the responsibility of identifying and minimising risks and constantly work on mitigation plans for the safety of our team members and, of course, the sustainability and care for the Al Shaheen field.  

Our highly trained field operators are empowered in the planning, preparation, and execution of all shutdowns in the Al Shaheen field.

The level of activity in the Al Shaheen field has been steadily increasing, and is today at record levels with more people than ever before working in the field.

At NOC, we understand the responsibility we have to our people, the wells we manage, the places where we operate, and the impact we have on the world, therefore, we take regulations and compliance very seriously in our operations.

Our responsibility towards the mission of maintaining and promoting safety has led us to produce plans and procedures to continuously monitor all the wells along with all topside facilities.

With an eye for the future, we are working towards increasingly controlling offshore operations from our onshore headquarters by leveraging real-time mobility data and digitalisation.