Health and Safety

AboutHealth and Safety

NOC is focused on delivering safe and best-in-class operations by ensuring incident-free activities and a safe and healthy environment for all. 

We believe that an incident-free mindset is key for all our employees and contractors and in training and developing an incident-free safety culture across NOC. Working closely with our contractor organisations, we apply world-class safety standards that ensure every member of our team gets home safely, every day.

Regular audits and safety investigations are conducted to ensure that any experiences are learned from as we strengthen our focus on health and safety performance. NOC is vigilant in performing regular drills to maintain a heightened level of readiness in response to any emergency that may arise. 

Health and Industrial Hygiene 

NOC is well-prepared  to identify, assess, monitor and put into place preventative and corrective measures to deal with any health and industrial hygiene issues. We achieve this by:

  • Carrying out enhanced industrial hygiene risk assessments
  • Developing and implementing various health protection and improvement plans
Working closely with shareholders regarding health surveillance, NOC has adopted a comprehensive employee and contractor medical fitness program that includes health campaigns, the licensing of medical personnel, and the establishment of healthcare facilities. 
Operational Safety and Security 
NOC provides support and expertise to its operations and ensures the appropriate identification and control of any risks related to operational safety and security. 

The Free Incident Programme is focused on establishing a safety culture in the workplace and includes the safety and security of all employees, contractors and subcontractors. We collect, analyse and produce daily safety performance reports that follow and adhere to industry guidelines. 

NOC performs regular drills and exercises, allowing it to manage and maintain its capabilities to respond to a range of emergencies or crises in a timely and effective manner. 
Technical Integrity and Major Risks Management 
Safety processes are safely managed and implemented across all NOC’s assets and teams.