About Al Shaheen field

AboutAl Shaheen Field

The Al Shaheen oil field, located 80kms north-east of Ras Laffan, is a one-of-a-kind operation and the largest producer of oil in the region. 

North Oil Company uses a technical and industrialised approach to drill the highly complex and extended reach wells in the Al Shaheen field. This is a huge challenge, as these relatively shallow reservoirs, with their tight spacing, create a risk of well-collision that must be precisely engineered to control and conduct. 

We operate five jack-up rigs and strive to deliver safe operations that are on time, within budget, and do not harm our environment. Sustainability in the oil industry is key. 

We recognise that the better we treat our wells, the greater yield they will produce, which is why we ensure their performance through integrity, respect, and care. This prolongs the lifecycle of the field while generating more success for each well. 

Operational efficiency is a prime factor in our success, and with new technologies, digital solutions, and innovative ways of progressing the future of offshore oil drilling, North Oil Company is a leader in the industry.