Going Digital

NOC’sDigital Ambitions

NOC is embracing new technologies to ensure all operations reach new levels of safe and efficient performance.

North Oil Company produces 100 million barrels of oil per annum, which results in the drilling rigs, surface facilities and other operations generating an enormous amount of industrial data every day.
This digital information is an asset and is the life blood of our digital technologies and data science and a key source of learning. As a result, the storing and processing of data is crucial in ensuring it can be used effectively. By leveraging data, NOC is able to drive improvements in operational performance, as well as mitigating the technical costs involved in the process. Data assets are also allowing NOC to provide newer and more advanced business and operational insights that were not possible before.

To accelerate the effective use of data, NOC has a task force focused on digital adoption and the coordination of digital initiatives across the company. 

The Digital Twin 

The development of a “digital twin” for the Al Shaheen surface operations provides a virtual replica of the live physical asset and aims to provide insights that helps to optimise operations, increase efficiency and identify issues that impact operations.

Data and information can be accessed, shared, and discussed from anywhere in the world - whether offshore, onshore, or in Doha itself.

NOC’s Digital Future 

NOC has ambitious plans for its digital future, with digital tools in place to support integrated production optimisation, operational synergy planning and real-time analytics for all offshore activities.
With more digital applications in development, NOC will continue to increase the efficacy of both its onshore and offshore operations.