Major Projects


With a plan to maximise oil production in the region in the next 25 years, NOC is currently expanding and developing the Al Sheehan oil field with the installation of new platforms. This being delivered in two phases, Gallaf and Ruya. Each of these phases has delivered and will deliver new operating platforms across several batches.

Being able to operate wells for at least 25 years, means that we need to build them with a sustainable mindset, and a strong focus on safety and the environment. 
North Oil Company oversees the whole process, from first prospective field forecast to the installation of new platforms, up to first oil production. Our project managers and teams have clear objectives - to deliver platforms that will be operated by their colleagues for the next 20 years. And since the latter are the ones operating the platforms, they are integrated from the start and have their needs and ways of working taken into consideration. This “customer” mindset pushes the major projects team to deliver the best solutions possible. Every time, delivering platforms safely and seamlessly into operation is a result of committed and courageous teams. 


Gallaf is the first major expansion of Al Shaheen field and is a name deeply-rooted in Qatari culture. It refers to the traditional local profession of constructing the ship for pearl diving. Investors would entrust gallafs with their funds to recruit the best team and lead successful ventures.  Today, the country is investing in these new platforms to bring wealth to the state and its people. The Gallaf phase of field development extends the existing network by adding eight new platforms, and debottlenecks oil production by extending pipelines.


Ruya, which means vision in Arabic, follows Gallaf and will see the installation of nine or 10 platforms and debottlenecking pipelines. The whole project will be delivered in different batches, as has been the case for Gallaf.