Nationalization and the development of national employees at the North Oil Company are at the core of the company’s business and social objectives. 

From developing people’s skills to providing both motivating and fulfilling careers, NOC is ambitious in its range of development programmes that can lead to Qatari Nationals in positions of responsibility and leadership.

National Development Programme

North Oil Company strives to develop talent and provide motivating and fulfilling careers..  In doing so, it is committed to advancing competent Qatari nationals into positions of responsibility by progressing them through a range of tailored development programmes.

‘‘Begin with your first step into a journey of knowledge and experience.”  

The NOC National Development Programme aims to attract recently graduated Qatari nationals by offering them the opportunity to join NOC and benefit from a specially designed, intensive, and comprehensive programme. The inclusive programme covers both onshore and offshore role rotations, mentoring and coaching, and training that will develop them into future NOC leaders.

The National Development Programme is designed to develop the knowledge and competencies of recent graduates of science, engineering, and project management majors. The programme also aids candidates who have successfully completed other bachelor’s degrees to prepare them for support functions.

The curriculum delivers a broad range of experience and helps the candidates build the fundamentals of core ‘soft’ skill competencies, including:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Ethical principles
  • Negotiation and presentation skills
  • Business essential competencies, such as Project management, finance, cost control, health and safety, and oil and gas fundamentals. 
The programme also addresses technical competencies related to each graduate’s specific area of expertise. Each graduate will benefit from the support of skilled mentors, a facilitator, and a steering committee, who are responsible for their continual development as well as their final assessment. Graduates become autonomous young professionals upon successful completion of their technical competence assessments and avail to an array of further leadership and developmental programs.


Aisha Al-Naemi, Well Performance Engineer – Developee, Operations

I feel honored to be recognized by a program that has helped me navigate my way in NOC. I feel proud to be part of the development program and hope it continues to play a part in guiding myself and all future developers to be the best versions of themselves.

Hussain Ashkanani, VP, HSEQ and Security

I respect the efforts of the Nationalization team and their programme, which has come a long way since its inception and is always working to grow and help nationals achieve higher results.