Kidzania Partnership

Kidzania Partnership

17 September 2022

North Oil Company Launches World’s First Replica Offshore Platform at KidZania Doha  

September 2021 saw North Oil Company partner with KidZania to create a world’s first fully functioning replica of an offshore platform at KidZania in Doha. This child-sized platform was created to educate the children of Qatar on both the importance and value that the offshore oil production industry brings to Qatar and the world. 

This unique and innovative collaboration gives children a glimpse into the operational processes of one of the world’s largest and most complex oil fields. Responsible for producing 45% of the region's oil, North Oil Company is perfectly geared to share their vision with the children of Qatar. 

The platform provides children with a realistic and exciting learning environment that is as fun as it is educational and aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030 that seeks to develop and empower children.

Children who visit the platform can:
  • Pretend to be a part of an oil rig crew
  • Undergo oil rig platform training
  • Learn all they need to know about offshore oil drilling

This exciting, unique experience teaches children to identify the nature of oil fields and the process of creating oil from start to finish.