NOC 5th Annual Nationalization Event

NOC 5th Annual Nationalization Event

02 December 2023



North Oil Company (NOC) recently held its 5th Nationalization event to showcase and celebrate the contribution of Qatari Nationals to the growth and achievements of NOC as part of the Company’s Nationalization journey. This year’s event highlighted the role of staff diversity and the synergy between locals and expatriates in creating a vibrant and prosperous team environment. In his speech, CEO Frederic Paux contended that Nationalization is about nurturing and empowering a workforce that will contribute to the success of Qatar's energy industry.

NOC’s Chief Administration & Personnel Officer Maryam Al-Kaabi shared in the CEO’s message on the benefits derived from Nationalization. In her address, Ms. Al-Kaabi noted that NOC has witnessed a sharp increase in Qataris since 2017, while further adding that it was imperative that NOC remain vigilant in this area as the Company has set ambitious targets for the recruitment of exceptional candidates.
The wealth of programmes and incentives offered to Qataris at North Oil Company, including mentoring, training programmes and the sponsoring of university students were also spotlighted to mark the occasion. The Nationalization event culminated with an awards ceremony where the best and brightest of Qatari talent were recognized for their contributions to the success of NOC. 

The 2023 Nationalization Event is emblematic of North Oil Company’s commitment to promoting nationalization by providing opportunities and development programmes for Qataris. The Company believes that Nationalization is an essential tool for achieving its strategic goals and for the prosperity of the nation's energy sector.